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unblocking the flow and Getting Things Done

July 18, 2008

You may have already heard of “Getting Things Done”, by David Allen, but if not then I recommend you take 20 mins to investigate, when you have time.

Its less about macro life-development (although it takes this into account), its more about the nitty gritty of daily chore, and allowing yourself to get things done by removing the clutter and applying very simple processes to keep on top of everything.

The wikipedia article on Getting Things Done (GTD) gives an overview, and at the end there are links to extracts from the book itself that are published by Business Week magazine

I came across GTD whilst improving the way I handle the flow of email into (and hopefully out of) my inbox, and many of the techniques seem very sound and ostensibly match my own experiences.

I haven’t read the book yet, but I think that I will once I move from visioning towards action, after the summer hols

OpenSync – how wide is your definition of synchronisation?

February 24, 2008

I found this whilst pondering the question “so will using Thunderbird as my email client scupper my use of Windows Mobile devices, such as my phone?”

OpenSync – Trac

I wanted to keep it not only because it might one day give a potential solution to such issues, but also because it deals with some of the more fundamental questions of unblocking the flow of various types of data from one device to another. Synchronisation must always address questions of conflict resolution, and a paper that came out of this project helps discuss the matter… presentation from FOSDEM 2007