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Classifying collaboration systems

March 11, 2008

When I first began to explore social media technologies I came to realise that many of them shared similar characterstics, although there were also very clear distinctions between each type of service. I came up with the following list of attributes that can define many collaboration technologies:

  • Structure: Pre-planned tree / web, or tag captured – structure may apply to storage and / or to search and retrieval mechanism
  • Time Flow: Stream or Static
  • User-editable: none, footnotes /comments, full
  • Delivery: Push (to mail inbox), Pull (browse to)

If you consider for a moment blogs, wikis, RSS feeds and mailing groups you might see the significance of each attribute.

Of course I have since realised that this was focussed more on factual data media, rather than on relationship and brokering media, common in social networks systems, and possibly a spectrum between the extremes. There is clearly room to expand this list of attributes, but at least this is a start.

OpenSync – how wide is your definition of synchronisation?

February 24, 2008

I found this whilst pondering the question “so will using Thunderbird as my email client scupper my use of Windows Mobile devices, such as my phone?”

OpenSync – Trac

I wanted to keep it not only because it might one day give a potential solution to such issues, but also because it deals with some of the more fundamental questions of unblocking the flow of various types of data from one device to another. Synchronisation must always address questions of conflict resolution, and a paper that came out of this project helps discuss the matter… presentation from FOSDEM 2007